Your whole house water system

Welcome to the WATERLUX family! We are sure you are going to enjoy clean and soft water from every tap in your home. Below you’ll find some helpful tips you may need to know after your system has been installed.

Note: Your system requires no service other than an annual preventive service. This means the system is configured on individual settings, and will not need to be adjusted or touched in any way. Adjusting settings may harm your water system and lessen water quality.

We compiled the most frequently asked questions after the installation. But always, if you have any question or just want to chat, please feel free to call or text at 754-317-0104 , we’ll respond right away!

For optimal performance salt level should not go lower than 1/3 of the salt tank. If salt dips below this line, please add salt.


Salt is a crucial part of the process and is used to clean and regenerate the media, to make sure that it is at peak performance. It’s never released to the water inside of the house.

Salt can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes or any hardware store.

A salt delivery service may be arranged through us by request

Drain your hot water heater tank (tankless heaters and brand new homes do not apply) It is serving as a water holding vessesland accumulates residue which has to be removed.

Shut off the water (main shut off or shut off at water heater) hook up a hose to the bottom of the tank, direct hose outside and let the tank drain. After it’s completely drained, shut off the valve and unhook the hose, turn main shut off valve back on. Faucets and Shower Heads – unscrew and take off the aerators, turn on hot and cold water and let it run for a while to flush out the lines. When done, put aerators back on.

Majority of the pipes are contaminated with the build up which can come out after the installation. Check on faucets and shower heads – unscrew and take off the aerators, turn on hot and cold water and let it run for a while to flush out the lines. When done, put aerators back on.

If you are waiting for your custom soap products they will be delivered to your door in about two to three weeks, depending on the level of scent customization. If it takes longer, please let us know to make sure order is placed correctly!

Your system is configured with a standard regeneration time of 2:00AM. The smart controller analyzes how much soft water is needed for your consumption and automatically turns on regeneration. During the time of regeneration water will come out of the secondary hose. The amount of water is minimal.

If you need regular water for any reason, like to wash your car, then you can put the system into bypass mode by turning the blue dial to “bypass”. Non-filtered water will be immediately available in this mode. After you are done, put the blue dial back to “service”, and your system will, once again, provide filtered water

After the installation date you will receive a call from the Lender directly to verify Loan Terms and other information.The Lender will provide instructions on how to submit payments. First payment will be due approximately 30 to 45 days after the installation date

If you are leaving we recommend to put system on bypass and schedule preventive maintenance when you come back to sanitize and check up system.

New media and filters have to saturate to rid of air bubbles. Air bubbles make water cloudy. To put yourself at ease please fill up a transparent glass with the water and look how soon water clears up. If it becomes transparent from the bottom it is the sign of air bubbles.