Ozone DetergentLess Laundry

How often do you go through gallons of laundry detergent? Sick of holding your nose as you pour bleach into your washing machine? Are you having a breakdown because you just used your last dryer sheet? Have no fear! You don’t need any of those products anymore. You can now useOzone DetergentLess Laundry. It is an easy, safe, and affordable option that gets even better results than harsh detergents, soaps, and other chemicals. Check out the additional benefits below.

Removes Odor

Oxidized water has a disinfecting ability that makes this product extraordinarily unique. The process organically removes odor and dirt from your laundry; leaving all clothing, even gym clothes, smelling fresh and looking great.

Eco Friendly

This product is environmentally responsible; eliminating contribution of soaps and toxic bleach into the environment.

Safe for Infants

This is a completely CHEMICAL FREE system. It requires no soaps or detergents of any kind and is completely safe to use for baby clothes. You can confidently know you are using the safest product on the market to clean your baby’s laundry.

Great for Sensitive Skins

By not using detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, and other chemicals, this product is highly recommended for anyone who has sensitive skin or frequent skin allergies.

Saves Money

Since this product eliminates the use of hot water you will save money on your utility bill. You will also save money on all of the detergent, soaps, and bleach you no longer need to buy. Lastly, using Ozone Detergentless Laundry extends fabric life of clothing, reducing the need to replenish your items as often.


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