Waterlux Reverse Osmosis Whole House Filtration System

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Whole House Reverse Osmosis systems by Waterlux are designed for those who want the ultimate level of purity from every faucet. There are hundreds of unregulated and undeclared contaminants present in Florida’s water systems, such as arsenic, chlorine, chloramine, chromium 6, THM, TCE, PFOA, PFOS, lead, flouride and heavy metals. Reverse osmosis systems are the best way to make sure that nothing besides water is in your water and help keep you and your family safe from any kinds of emerging contaminants. Our systems are incredibly quick to install, easy to maintain, and are built with high quality components in order to ensure longevity. If health is your number one priority this may the step that you need to take. For any questions, please contact us.

Building Your Own

Building your own device is simple. Select the components that you need, and then select whether you would like your system to be installed. Please refer to the guide below for explanations of all of the components and their functions.

Number of Bathrooms: Select the most applicable number of bathrooms to ensure that the unit can process enough water to ensure continuous flow at all times

Water Source: Select the most applicable water source. Do you get your water from a private well or municipal water plant? This questions help us set up your unit correctly and ensure that you have all of the additional components that a different source of water may require

Pre-Filtration (Well Only): Pre-filters are designed to remove dirt and sediment from water before it enters your system. This helps keep your system free from blockages and other buildups. We recommend this for all well water systems.

Iron/Sulphur Filter (Well Only): Well water contains a greater than normal buildup of iron, sulphur, and other dangerous metals. To make sure the membrane in your reverse osmosis system performs to its best capability, it is recommended that an iron/sulphur filter be installed. We recommend this for all well water systems.

UV Light: Still water is a breeding ground for bacteria and organic compounds. A UV light is a very effective way to eliminate any organic buildup or growth from not only entering your system, but your home. City water users that want extra purification can install this, but we recommend this to all well water systems.

Post Filtration: Post-filtration comes at the end of your reverse osmosis system and ensures the pH of the water is neutral before entering the pipes. This is recommended for everyone.

Holding Tank: Indicate whether you have your own holding tank or you would like to purchase one from us. The size of the holding tank will correspond to the “Number of Bathrooms” in terms of capacity. Holding tanks ensure uninterrupted water flow from the faucet.

Pump: Indicate whether you have a pump or not. Pump keeps water flowing through the system and beyond.




Shipping & Installation


Your product will be shipped and delivered based on the specifications you have selected above. Items are sent out in the same or next business day depending on time of order and customization options.

Local Installation

  • If you are local to the South Florida Tri-County Area* and would like for us to install your product, please select the “local installation” option
  • We will get into contact with you immediately after purchase in order to schedule the delivery and installation of your system
  • If you would like to discuss installation options prior to purchase, please get into contact with us at our contact us page

*The Tri-County area includes Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County areas *Waterlux reserves the right to increase the installation price due to extreme complexities in the installation and to account for additional services. Please note that most installations will cost the flat rate and any price changes will be explicitly discussed with the customer prior to any charges.

About Brand

Waterlux has been providing South Florida with clean and beautiful water since 2006. It is a family owned and operated company that prioritizes customer relations and simplicity in service. We are proud to offer you a full range of original products as well as the trusted products of our partners.

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