IT-588 Alkaline Water Ionizer with Touch Screen


Countertop easy installation

Large touch screen

Platinum Titanium Plates


pH 4-10

Built-in Activated Carbon Filter

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Our IT-588 Luxury Model Alkaline Water Ionizer with Full-Size Touch Screen will “light up” your kitchen with its advanced technological design, incredibly convenient features, and of course, its extraordinary full-panel, 7-color, touch-screen, LCD display screen (that even doubles as a control panel as well). This remarkable “luxury” ionizer certainly lives up to its name and is sure to amaze and impress you as it has our customers and us alike!

You’ve probably already guessed it; the IT-588 is by far our best IonTech Alkaline Water Ionizer, hands down. While its enormous full-size touch screen LCD display may be the most obvious spectacular feature that sets it apart from all of our other IonTech ionizers, its other capabilities also continue to impress as well.

To help keep the machine consistently clean and also to prolong its lifetime, its automatic cleaning cycle occurs after each and every use, and this ionizer even provides an additional, non-automatic, more thorough, full cleaning cycle that occurs after a certain amount of water flows through the machine. And the amount can even be programmed to your choosing!

With 5 premium platinum-coated titanium electrolysis plates and a precise ceramic ionic membrane, the IT-588 dispenses water at a wide array of pH levels ranging from 4 to 11 and includes 7 different preset levels as well (2 acidic, 4 alkaline, and 1 purified).

There are countless uses and benefits of water with different pH levels, each level having its own set of specific functions. You can use its acidic water to wash your face, dishes, floors, and even rinse fresh produce to eliminate pesticides. Strong alkaline water can be used for cleaning as well and water with lower alkaline levels is ideal for drinking, cooking, brewing tea and coffee, and much, much more

Buy your IT-588 luxury model today and you can begin to enjoy the endless joys and advantages of owning your very own advanced alkaline water ionizer.

Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions; we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


  • Enormous Full Size 7-Color LCD Display Screen that makes up the majority of the entire front panel; so it’s easy to see and operate, and adds to the beauty and sophistication of the IT-588 model (Displays pH, ORP, water flow rate, working status, remaining filter life, and more!)
  • LCD Screen doubles as a Touch Screen, making the operation not only easy and convenient, but fun too
  • Adjustable Electrolysis Intensity Setting allows the user to actually manually adjust the pH value setting for the different selections
  • Convenient Full Cleaning Indicator alerts user when a full 2-minute cleaning cycle is needed
  • Full 2-Minute Cleansing thoroughly and effectively cleans the machine’s electrolysis chamber so you don’t need to!
  • Full Cleaning Cycle is Adjustable; so you can set the machine to alert you when a full cleaning is needed at the exact time you prefer (for example, after 10 uses)
  • 5 Premium High-Tech Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Plates and Precise Ceramic Ionic Membrane from Japan provides optimum ionization
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle After Each Use helps keep the machine clean and working properly; and it also prolongs the lifetime of the machine
  • Handy Safety Setting automatically switches to purified water to prevent accidental consumption of acidic water
  • Unique and Sophisticated Design is beautifully elegant, incredibly advanced, and impressive, and compliments any kitchen, no matter the décor

pH Chart for Ionizers

Alkaline Water Foods, Disinfection, and Washing Dishes pH 9.0-11.0 Alkaline 4 (Strong Alkaline)
  • Soak vegetables, beef, pork, and fresh fish to remove fishy taste and strengthen food’s natural flavors
  • Make soup and helps food maintain nutrients and color
  • Effectively reduces pesticides on fruits and vegetables
  • Cleans tough oil stains on dishes
Ginger, Grapes, Tomatoes, Kelp, Seaweed
Alkaline Water Daily Drinking pH 8.5-10.0 Alkaline 3
  • Suitable for daily drinking and improving overall health
  • Improves conditions for upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, and gout
Mushrooms, Soy Beans, Spinach
Alkaline Water Cooking & Drinking pH 8.0-9.0 Alkaline 2
  • Cook rice, preserves natural flavor longer
  • After initial period, this level is suitable for daily drinking
  • Make tea or coffee, reduces bitterness and improves taste
Bananas, Carrots, Chestnuts, Lettuce, Red Beans
Alkaline Water Initial Drinking pH 7.5-8.5 Alkaline 1
  • For people who are just beginning to drink alkaline water
  • Helps balance internal pH
  • Improves assimilation of calcium and other minerals
Apples, Cabbage, Eggplant, Onion, Tea
Purified Water Purified Water pH 7.0
  • No color, no taste, no impurities
  • Suitable for taking medicine, making milk, and for baby’s diet
Asparagus, Bread, Milk, Miso, Tofu
Acidic Water Acidic Water pH 5.0-6.5 Acidic 1
  • Not suitable for drinking
  • Close to skin’s pH value, this pH has an astringent effect for face washing
  • Ideal for bathing sensitive skin and infants and relieving sunburns
  • Minimizes appearance of pores and ideal for brushing teeth
  • Restores shine to hair and is great as a natural after-shave
Beef, Beer, Clams, Rice, Octopus
Acidic Water Acidic Water pH 4.0-5.5 Acidic 2
  • Not suitable for drinking
  • Antibacterial for tableware and floor cleaning
  • Soak to eliminate residual agricultural chemicals on fruits and vegetables
Cheese, Egg Yolk, Oats, Squid


  • Converts regular water into alkaline, purified, and acidic water for a countless list of uses and functions, such as drinking, cleaning, and rinsing fresh produce
  • Helps remove chlorine and other chemicals, dirt, suspended sediment, and other pollutants from regular water

Adjustable pH Levels


Extra Large Comprehensive LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)



  • 1 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
  • 1 ACF-1 Replacement Filter
  • All necessary parts, such as hoses, valves, etc.
  • FREE Water pH Testing Kit for absolute confidence and peace of mind
  • User Manual


Size: (WxHxD) 8.7″ x 12.2″ x 4.9″
Weight: 12.9 lbs
Electrolysis Plate Material: Platinum-Titanium Plate
Filter Material: Activated Carbon Fiber
Filter Change: Approximately every 6,000 Liters
pH Value: (based on source water quality) 4.5-11
ORP Value: (based on source water quality) Max: -850mv



Activated Carbon Fiber Filter

Lifetime of the filter is 6000L ( change semiannually)

Replacement Filter

ACF-3 Alkaline Water Ionizer Replacement Filter

Recommended Add-Ons

PRE FILTRATION SYSTEM– Prolongs the lifetime of your alkaline water ionizer and improves its effectiveness by protecting it from calcium build-up, and provides additional filtration for the ultimate purification and quality improvement of your drinking water

Alkaline Faucet – Neat, compact, and stylish faucet provides ultimate convenience for the installation and operation of your alkaline water ionizer

Installation Videos

Standard Installation Video

Alternative Installation Video [This option uses the IT-Tap Faucet Accessory]

Weight 12.9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 12 in


Shipping & Installation


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Local Installation

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  • We will get into contact with you immediately after purchase in order to schedule the delivery and installation of your system
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About Brand

IONTECH alkaline water

IONTECH is the leading manufacturer of high performing yet budget friendly alkaline water ionizer machines from Taiwan. Waterlux has been representing IONTECH since 2006 and offers their full line of machines, replacement cartridges and filters, as well as technical support.

To see all that IONTECH has to offer please visit the link below


Deep water purification


Safe water without boiling


Space-saving design


Easy and safe to replace cartrige

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IT-588 Alkaline Water Ionizer with Touch Screen
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