Drinking Water Systems

Home Drinking Water Filtration System

We understand how important your safety and the safety of your family is to you. That’s why WATERLUX provides home drinking water filtration systems that offer the cleanest and healthiest water.


Purest filtered water always ready to be used by the entire family without eco-harmful water bottles or jugs

Any Water Source

Water filtration systems fit anywhere and produce whatever rate you need, be it for daily drinking or a business


Efficiently eliminate irons, metals, and chemical contaminants like led, chlorine, and fluoride

Reliable Warranty

We carry and offer product tested and certified by third parties with extensive warranty and exceptionaly crafted

Drinking Water Filtration System Solutions

Drinking water systems offer a finer level of filtration in order to make sure all impurities and toxic ingredients commonly present in tap water are filtered out of your drinking and cooking water

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems are the most efficient filtration devices for...

In-Line Filters

In-line filters are incredibly easy to install and maintain, and...

Water Filtration Pitchers

Water filtration pitchers are simple, inexpensive, and easy to use...

Replacement Filters

Every system has its own requirements. Please consult your products...