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Waterlux is dedicated to ensuring that every household enjoys pristine water quality. With our tailored solutions, we address the unique water challenges faced by Palm Beach residents
Home Water Filtration

Full-service water systems, customized for you

Experience the purity of water like never before. Our advanced filtration systems remove contaminants, ensuring that every drop you consume is clean and healthy

Water Softener Installation

Most Advanced Water Softeners

Say goodbye to hard water woes. Our water softener solutions combat mineral buildup, protecting your appliances and offering you softer, clearer water

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Efficient and Reliable

Dive into the pinnacle of water purification. Our reverse osmosis systems guarantee the removal of even the tiniest impurities, delivering water that’s as pure as nature intended

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Together, we'll build
your ideal water system

Contact us today for a personalized consultation. Let Waterlux be your partner in achieving water purity.

On your terms

We work with your schedule from initial consultation to the installation date

Personalized design

Our water systems are designed for your needs and within your budget

Satisfaction guaranteed

We use only quality products and parts to ensure outstanding installation

Top-Rated Team

Factory trained skilled technicians who know product in and out

premium supplies

Highest quality equipment and parts to ensure outstanding installation

up-to-date trends

Latest and greatest in water filtration solutions

Our Installations

Home Filtration System

Main Concern Contaminant Removal, PFAS PFOS
Chosen style: Hybrid Filtration System
location: Boca Raton, FL
Water Softener Installation

Main Concern Hardness Removal
Chosen style: Hybrid Filtration Softener System
location: Delray Beach, FL
Reverse Osmosis

Main Concern Hardness Removal, Complete Contaminant Removal
Chosen style: Reverse Osmosis System
location: Palm Beach, FL
Seamless process

How It Works

01 Share your concerns

Schedule in -person consultation or fill out online quiz

02 Set Budget & timeline

Each system is designed for you within your budget and schedule

03 Installation

White glove service and hassle free maintenance

04 Installation

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successful projects & satisfied customers.


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