Watermax Performance

How Does Watermax Work?
The Hague WaterMax® is a water softening system with a unique approach to home water. WaterMax® combines the water softener and the whole house water filter into one single unit, for a highly efficient whole-house water system. The Hague WaterMax® is designed specifically to treat the hardness and impurities of your home’s water supply. It is high performing and delivers the highest quality water.
WaterMax® delivers soft, chlorine-free water. Each and every tap and your home will offer water this way. This means you will enjoy fresh, odorless water in every drop, all while you protect your plumbing, safeguard your appliances and keep your family healthy and away from the harmful effects of chlorine and water hardness. WaterMax® gets dishes cleaner, clothes softer, helps appliances to last longer, all
while saving energy, time, and your money. You’ll see a difference in the amount of soap and detergents you need for dishes and laundry. Soft water allows you to use up to 50% less soap products for laundry and up to 70% less detergent for dishwashing by simply allowing soap to do its job. WaterMax water softener eliminates:
  • Hard water buildups, preventing damage to appliances and eliminating expensive repairs as a result.
  • Soap scum, that would have otherwise damaged hair and caused soap buildup which blocks pores and leaves skin feeling dry.
  • Buildup on fixtures and shower stalls, reducing your cleaning time and eliminating discoloration and damage to your bathroom.

The Technology Behind WaterMax®

WaterMax® is a patented water filtration and softening system that can be customized to each home and family’s specific needs. For example, it has advanced engineering, using computerized controls that allow you to perform water treatment in your own home to your own standards.

That WaterMax® system has three chambers of filtration 

that filters your water through 9 stages eliminating objectionable taste and odors, removing sediment to 5 microns.

WaterMax® features a multi-compartment media tank, which allows for customizing the media composition (the substances that remove contaminants from your water). It is this way that WaterMax® can customize for your specific water needs.

The efficient design provides more usable resin capacity and prevents water channeling so all resin and media is used and water exposed to it as much and as long as possible.

Unique Features of a WaterMax® Water Treatment System

WaterMax® is a uniquely superior to other water treatment systems because it utilizes comprehensive multiple treatment technologies in one compact unit. Just some of the features and benefits are:


The WaterMax® features Hague’s ULTRA-FIL/CHLOROSTAT, a self-cleaning
whole-house dirt and sediment filter, which reduces the taste of chlorine and odor in the water.

The ULTRA-FIL’s fine mesh provides a larger surface area than traditional filters, ensuring that the media is able to fully contact the water for the most effective contaminant removal. This hard-working filter also extends the life of the resin bed, so it never needs a replacement filter or costly maintenance.

CUSTOMIZATION. With a Smart Touch Controller, Digital readout, Capacity count down, Flow rate indicator, all multi-lingual, this system is fully customizable per house and per family’s needs. This means you will get the exact right fit for your home and water purification needs.

GREAT TASTING WATER, STRAIGHT FROM YOUR TAP. By removing the contaminants, minerals, and additives that alter water flavor, meals and drinks prepared with your home’s WaterMax® tap water taste even better, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of your favorite coffee, tea, and favorite home-cooked meals!

ADJUSTABLE SOFTENING LEVELS. One amazing display of the advancement in technology that WaterMax® offers is that you are able to set the softening levels to any level you desire. You can raise and lower it for the ultimate feeling of clean.

SELF-CLEANING. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to fuss with your filtration system? With WaterMax® you won’t have to worry about changing filters or cleaning the system. Your WaterMax® is perpetually self-cleaning!

POTASSIUM CAPABILITY. If you need to cut back on sodium in your water, WaterMax® works just as well with potassium.

THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR YOUR HOT WATER HEATER. Wondering how exactly to use WaterMax®? WaterMax® is the perfect companion to a hot water heater. It treats water as it enters your home so every tap will receive the same softened water. That means all appliances, all faucets, and more, receive this soft water. This is a great way to keep your plumbing scale-free and your water heater performing as efficiently throughout its lifetime.

UNMATCHED FLOW RATES. With WaterMax® you can certainly flush the toilet or run the dishwasher, and won’t spoil someone else’s hot shower! Even when water is in high demand, WaterMax® keeps the supply flowing strong and unrestricted.

OPTIMAL CAPACITY & EFFICIENCY. The WaterMax®’s ultra-efficient system cleans your water in 80% less time! WaterMax® offers optimal capacity in a water filtration system, and thanks to highly efficient, on-demand regeneration, WaterMax® is able to treat and deliver the water you need, when you need it.
WATER CONSUMPTION MONITORING. WaterMax®’s smart system can monitor your water consumption so that only the necessary water and salt are used in the backwash and regeneration phase, providing additional savings on salt and water consumption.

COST SAVINGS. WaterMax® is so efficient it is truly a cost-saving system. It minimizes water consumption as it works efficiently, dispensing water throughout your home with no waste, saving you money on your water bill. In fact, a single WaterMax® water system can often do the job of 2-3 or more pieces of equipment another company might offer—saving you the expense of additional units, and
keeping your desire for clean, safe water from taking over half of your house.

Why Choose WaterMax®?

WaterMax® is a highly regarded brand you can trust. Our reputation under the Hague name is highly respected and an assurance that you are receiving a high-quality product from a business with true integrity. WaterMax® is an American-made product of Hague Quality Water International. Hague brings more than 50 years of engineering and water quality research to the development of its water
conditioning products and WaterMax® is one of its best products yet!

And if you still not fully convinced, WaterMax® is protected by Hague’s exclusive 25 year limited warranty, an assurance of outstanding quality for such a long product life, unmatched by any other manufacturer. The WQA Gold Seal means this product has been tested and validated with a gold level of standard by the Water Quality Association.

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