IONtech is a professional manufacturer of water ionizers also known as Alkaline water systems. The company was established in 1997 with an office and warehouses located in Taichung, Taiwan. With over 20 years of OEM and ODM expertise, Iontech is accomplished in all areas of water ionizer design and manufacture. Their products are sold world wide and, in recent years, we have seen awareness grow and more and more people drinking alkaline water and keeping an alkaline diet. Water ionizer technology originated in Japan. Research conducted there pointed to the positive benefits to human health and other household uses of conditioned ionized water. These were not simply health claims but cold hard facts! Building on early technologies, IONtech has focused on improving R&D capabilities to continue to develop environmentally friendly products. Iontech also continues to improve the usefulness and reliability of their products and advance the suitability of Alkaline water for human consumption. With an Iontech system you will improve hydration by drinking mineralized water, reduce stomach acidity and symptoms of acid reflux, improve your bone health, and illuminate the need to purchase bottled water.