General Questions About Water Filtration systems

Cleaner, healthier, and safer water directly from your tap using patented technology to successfully remove practically all known contaminants and pollutants from your household or business water. Including but not limited to microorganisms, pesticides, heavy metals, and other potential harmful toxins.

water filtration and softening system questions

Water softeneres are specifically used to treat hard water. A water filtration system filters water, removing bacteria, pollutants, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants from your water. The best way to determine which one you need or to find out if you need a combination of the two is to have your water tested. 

Prices vary based on the results of your water test and what your home is being treated for. We provide free estimates and recommendations.

Yes. We offer zero down financing to qualified customers.

Reverse osmosis system questions

The Reverse Osmosis process includes a combination of pressure and a semipermeable membrane that your tap water pushes through. While your water travels from one pool to another, the machine balances out salts and other contaminants. The next phase of the process begins when clean water is pushed through to one side of the pool; leaving only the objects that cannot fit through the membrane behind. It is such a small opening that not even salt can pass through, leaving only purified, clean quality water to be dispersed through your faucet. It is highly recommended for drinking water and is the most effective way to filter out the most from water.

In most cases, reverse osmosis is not necessary throughout your home. It is a personal preference but keep in mind, whole house water filtration is the more affordable option and will effectively and effieciently filter your water. 

Yes. We have replacement filters in stock and will provide you with the timelines and instructions for filter replacement.