Aquaphor was founded in 1992 to develop and produce water filters and provide pure water. It evolved into an international company with production and research sites stationed all over the world. More than 16 million families from 44 countries are already benefiting from use of Aquaphor products and enjoying purified water. Aquaphor conducts constant research and continues to create more effective technologies for water treatment so that everyone can benefit from access to safe drinking water. Their filter systems are highly efficient and successful at removing contaminants. Highly trusted reverse osmosis systems made by Aquaphor provide filtered water using a reverse osmosis membrane or semipermeable membrane. Their world renowned reverse osmosis water has become a household name all over the world. Aquaphor water filters are ergonomic and easy to use, despite the technological complexity. To replace the used cartridges you do not need any special skills or tools. Just push the button and turn the cartridge.