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How to Reduce Inflammation Naturally

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Chronic inflammation can be a precursor to heart disease, diabetes and numerous other serious health conditions and diseases. If you’ve been told that you have chronic inflammation or you want to try to prevent it, some natural methods might assist you in reducing it. Follow these tips for fighting inflammation in a natural way free of medications, or in addition to them.
Focus on Diet
The foods you take in have a major effect on cutting down on inflammation in your body – all in a natural way. You can enjoy many delicious foods that help your body cut down on inflammation. Food groups that contain polyphenols, bioflavonoids and other anti-inflammatory components include vegetables, fruits, seafood, nuts, some dairy foods, lean meats, seeds, herbs and spices. Fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants all help ward your body against the dangers of inflammation. Try to eat these kinds of foods and components as much as possible.

Lifestyle Changes

Having too much weight and/or fat, especially around your belly, can cause problems with chronic inflammation as well. You can reduce fat and weight by making lifestyle changes, especially by eating a healthy diet and exercising. Health professionals have even developed anti-inflammatory diets that you could follow. Also, it’s best to avoid smoking to keep from having too much inflammation, and it might help to limit or avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Avoid Certain Foods

In addition to eating a diet of healthy foods, it’s also important to stay away from certain foods when you’re trying to counteract inflammation. As much as you can, stay away from processed foods made
with refined carbohydrates, such as pastries, white bread and other recipes crafted with white flour. Also, see how much you can cut back on sugar. Another area to focus on is fats – try to avoid the trans fat found in margarine and other foods that contain partially hydrogenated oil, and limit omega-6 fatty acids, which include cottonseed and soybean oil. Some professional recommendations also say to limit your intake of red meat and butter. Replace your refined carbs with whole grain options, your sugar with fruit and possibly natural sugar alternatives and your fats with healthy, anti-inflammatory fats.

Go Alkaline

In a MindBodyGreen article, Marcus Julian Felicetti notes that too much acid in the body can lead to inflammation and other problems. Balancing the body’s pH levels might help with chronic inflammation.
To work toward this goal, you could follow an alkaline diet with foods that are on the alkaline side of the pH scale and drink alkaline water. Alkaline water is easy to get in your own home through an easy-to-use
water ionizer or alkaline water filter. Making some healthy and natural changes to your lifestyle could reduce inflammation in your body, helping you fight countless diseases and be in your best state of health.


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