Commercial Ion Exchange Water Softener Treatment

Commercial Ion Exchange Water Softener Treatment

The Twin Intermediate Line (TIL) is a water treatment system designed especially for light commercial water consumers such as restaurants, offices, laboratories, dairy farms, and car washes. Hague’s commitment to quality in engineering and manufacturing helps to maintain the value and consistent quality.

Our patented valve design is simple and efficient and has demonstrated exceptional reliability after more than fifteen years of dependable field operation in hundreds of thousands of installations nationally and internationally.

Six models are available with flow rates ranging from 9.25 to 37 gpm. Other models (WaterMax) also available for commercial applications and use.

Twin Intermediate Line (TIL) Design

  • VALVE - A one-inch top mounted valve allows for high flow rates and eliminates external piping. The valve contains only one internal moving part, which guarantees long life and service-free operation.
  • MAXIMUM RESIN BED DEPTH - Longer water contact, more effective filtering and better salt economy.
  • ENERGY-MISER CONTROLLER - Simple, effective and uses a mere 10 to 15 cents a month in electricity!
  • METER INITIATED REGENERATION - Regenerates only as needed, saving salt and water.
  • CORROSION-PROOF TANKS - Features fiberglass-wound media tanks and plastic brine tanks for strength, durability and corrosion resistance. 

Top Rated Hybrid Water Filtration and softening system



WaterMax can be customized 1500 different ways  ( not kidding), depending on incoming water quality. We really want to help to improve quality of the water and achieve the result you are looking for!