Whole house water filters include water softeners and inline water filters for the whole house. WaterLux water filters can be also used in townhouses and condos. Depending on the water source there are City Water Filters and Well Water Filtration Systems. Rest assured that you will find the top of the line water filtration products at WaterLux company. We service all South Florida and can provide the right solution for any water treatment application. A house water filter system removes chlorine and drastically decreases exposure to pharmaceuticals, minimization of bacteria, and the most obvious; to improve taste and odor of your tap water. One of the most impactful benefit is the enormous improvement of the water you shower with. Think of how often you shower. Most people shower once, sometimes twice a day depending on their physical activity and personal preference. Each time you immerse your body into a bathtub or a shower, your skin and hair are absorbing all of the contents of that water. By installing a whole house water filtration system, you are eliminating the exposure of chlorine, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. The short-term and long-term effects of this are insurmountable! Not only to your skin but to your overall health and well-being. Another major benefit of filtered water is cleaner, softer laundry. After installing a system in your home, your clothing is being washed by pure water, without harsh chemicals that can strip your clothing of its color and damage its condition. We’ve gone one step further in the chemical free department by offering the Ozone DetergentLess Laundry where you won’t even need soap, bleach, or detergent to clean your clothing! A completely chemical free way to do laundry that will keep your clothing fresh, clean and intact! There will also be a decrease in your utility bill by having a house system. A great addition to a whole house filtration system is reverse osmosis which provides great tasting water.