At WaterLux Premium Water Filtration we have several add-on products to further enhance your water purification. An ultraviolet light or uv light is used along with a water filtration system or a reverse osmosis system to disinfect your water supply, killing any bacteria or build up, an ultraviolet system protects your drinking water. The uv lamp is on twenty four hours a day seven days a week protecting your water filter from contaminants. It has been proven that uv disinfection is one of the most effective extra measures taken for clean great tasting water. We also have a revolutionary detergent-less laundry add on that will save you money and time. The Ozone Detergentless Laundry attaches directly to your washing machine. This eco friendly laundry cleaning machine uses powerful oxidant properties to efficiently clean and disinfect your laundry without the use of fabric softeners or laundry detergent. Your washing machine will use less hot water and the cleaning power will sterilize your clothing while it gently removes odor and stains. The Ozone Detergentless Laundry has changed laundry systems and enhanced the way we keep our clothing clean.