At WaterLux you can find a wide variety of solutions to help you deal with dirt, smell and bacteria in Well Water. From well water treatment systems and filters to well water tanks and pumps, we can find the right solution for your well water issues. Water testing is recommended to determine the water quality of your ground water. We check your home water supply for dissolved solids, chlorine, coliform bacteria, and other water contaminants that would alter the taste and odor of you water or pose any kind of threat. Each city across the country does a wonderful job providing environmental protection and water treatment on a grand scale to avoid an epidemic, however, when it concerns your drinking water at home, you must be knowledgeable of the allowable forms of bacteria that may be present in your water so you can properly treat it. Water filtration systems are the best way to achieve the cleanest and safest water in your home. Water softeners are also recommended to treat water hardness in addition to water filters. The filtration process provides an endless supply of clean water twenty four hours a day seven days a week! Eliminating the need of water delivery or the purchasing of bottled water. A whole house water filtration system for well water has been proven to be extremely efficient and effective and reaches every appliance and every faucet throughout your home. This means filtered water for each one of your bathrooms. The water you shower with and the water you brush your teeth and wash your face with will be chlorine and contaminant free. This improves health and has even been found to relieve the symptoms of certain allergies, improve skin complexion, and help keep your appliances cleaner and last longer.