HAGUE UltraMax Salt Free Whole House Water Filtration System

HAGUE UltraMax is a green alternative for delicious water throughout the whole house.

  • Salt Free Filtration System
  • No Filter Rplacements - Worry Free
  • Removes Tastes and Odors
  • Offers Excellent Chlorine and Organic reduction
  • Filters Sediment To Improve Water Conditions down to 20 microns
  • Activated Carbon, KDF 55 and UltraFil Filtration Media
  • Ideal filtration unit where softening is not required
  • 10 Year Warranty To Take Out Chlorine
  • Activated PC Carbon (Ultra-Clear) - Recognized by the US EPA as the best available technology for reduction of organic chemicals from drinking water.
  • Chlorastat - Chlorastat reduces excess chlorine, which has a disagreeable odor.
  • Ultra-Fil - Self cleaning Ultra-Fil removes dirt and sediment.
  • Built In Filter - patented built-in, self-cleaning whole house filter is sealed within the unit requiring NO FILTER CHANGES.


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Hague Quality Water is committed to providing customers who have environmental concerns with an effective product to improve their water. Hague’s NEW ULTRAMAX is a salt free filtration system that uses Activated Carbon and KDF 55. This innovative combination makes it an excellent whole-house filter that removes tastes and odors, offers excellent chlorine and organic reduction, filters water down to 20 microns, and does not require a regeneration. Like other Hague products, this new whole-house filter features water and energy saving technology; great benefits for customers and the environment.

The UltraMax Filter Technical Specifications:

Chlorine-ppm 3

Media type and amount - cu. ft. (L)

Chlorostat 14 lbs ( 6.3 kg)
Ultra-Fil 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Activated Carbon 21lbs (9.5 kg)
Cont. ow rate-gpm (L/min) 6 (23)
Peak ow rate-gpm (L/min) 10 (38)
Backwash rate-gpm (L/min) 7 (26)
Water Pressure-psi. (bar) 30-120 (2.1 - 8.3)
Salt (lbs) None
Regenerant used None
Flow rate at 25 psi (1.7 bar) drop-gpm (L/min) 18 (68)
Flow rate at 15 psi (1.0 bar) drop-gpm (L/min) 13.8 (52)
Backwash Automatic Days (Manual) 3 (as needed)

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