Water filter systems and water treatment systems for commercial applications drastically improve water quality on a large scale. In order to provide each business with the best customer service, we visit the location and take consultative approach. We test water on the property to determine what is needed and how the water should be treated. Commercial water treatment is a new way to provide companies and businesses with high purity, bacteria free water to your water line. Commercial water filtration systems also reduce monthly maintenance costs, protect appliances and pipes throughout the establishment, and improve the quality of the water. Water softeners may also be recommended based on the hardness of your water. Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems offered by your local experts and authorized dealer WaterLux Premium Water Filtration. An ro system, reverse osmosis system, may also be recommended to treat the drinking water of the establishment. Most companies seeking the help of a water filtration company have the same concerns as home owners. They want to improve the taste and odor of their water, they want to ensure the water is safe to use and to consume, and they want a system that will remove chlorine. Our water filtration solutions can address all of those concerns and provide you with clean, safe, great tasting water.