November 05, 2015

Nobody likes taking a drink of water and getting a sniff of what can be described as a “swimming pool”. At that point, the water almost has to taste like a swimming pool because, try as you might, you can not get that smell out of your mind. Yuck! Well, here at Waterlux, we have a multitude of water purifier solutions for you if your water is tasting funny or smelling weird. We are serious about our clean water in the Fort Lauderdale area. We want everyone to have safe and clean water that looks, smells, and tastes the way it should. As you know if you have been reading, we love to hear from our customers, which is just one of the reasons we post commonly asked water quality questions here in our blog. The other big reason we share them is that we love to help our customers with any and all issues or questions they encounter. Below is a question we received recently and hear quite a bit.

Dear Water Purifier Experts,

We are new to the Fort Lauderdale area, we love it so far. However, we do not ever remember smelling chlorine in our water in North Dakota. Is that chlorine that we smell in our tap water? Is it supposed to smell like that or do we have a serious situation on our hands?


Newbies from North Dakota

Dear Newbies,

It very well could be chlorine in your water as it is added to water as a part of the treatment process. Thus, this is not necessarily terrible. However, we have a number of water filtration options for you to rid your water of that smell. Call us to set up a FREE water quality test to find out for sure what the issue is, though.

Thank you for your question.



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