August 07, 2018

Over the past several years, we have learned that quality drinking water is not something that can be taken for granted. One way we combat this problem is by purchasing bottled water, though recent studies have shown bacteria and other contaminants have been found in bottled water. In fact, in most cases, bottled water is comparable to your very own tap water. Not to mention the cost associated with bottled water and the use of plastic.

While we do recommend Whole House Water Filtration, we suggest Reverse Osmosis for drinking water. One of the main reasons we suggest this is the reverse osmosis process is so incredibly thorough. This is not simply a filter but rather a series of filters that remove bacteria, viruses, salts, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants such as lead and fluoride at the very fine level. Not all of the particles ( fluoride as an exsample) can penetrate through the skin, but become dangerous when digested - so we want to make sure everything is eliminated!

With a combination of pressure and semipermeable membrane, water pushes through from one pool to another, balancing out salts and other contaminants. The next phase of the process happens when clean water is pushed through to one side leaving only the objects that cannot fit through the membrane. It is such a small opening that not even salt can pass through, leaving only purified, clean quality water to be dispersed through your faucet. The diagram below will show the process.

By opting for Reverse Osmosis in addition to a Whole House Water Filtration system or a Water Softening system, you are guaranteeing a healthier, chemical free drinking water system. This means healthier for you, healthier for your family, and healthier for your pets. This is the water you will be making your coffee with, filling up your dog and cat water dishes with, and cooking for your family with. Make certain it is of the highest quality at its purest form. To schedule a complimentary water test call 954-343-6150 or email

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