Soften The Blow Of Hard Water

September 09, 2015

Welcome back to Waterlux’s water filtration systems blog. Thank you for checking back in on our blog that discusses water purification and how we can help you achieve it. One of the common problems people encounter is with their water softener. Here is a letter for our water filtration advice column that asks a hard water related question.

Dear Water Purifier Experts,

We have been seeing some white film on our clear glassware recently. I have checked the filters in the dishwasher bay to remove all the trapped items in there to make sure that is not just messing with the performance of the dishwasher. I’ve also noticed a few white “salty” chunks at the tip of our faucet where the water comes out. Is there something wrong with our water or do we have some sort of water filtration problem? What do you suggest that we do about it? Thank you in advance for taking my question.


Bummed in Broward County

Dear Bummed,

No need to be bummed out. We have a water filtration system for you. More specifically, this sounds like a hard water issue because of the white film on your glasses and the build-up of crust deposits on your faucet. You are either running hard water in your house or your water softener is not performing as it should. We can take care of either issue, though. Our Hague WaterMax water softener offers you a customizable home water filtration solution that is flexible according to your needs. Contact us today to set up your FREE water quality test! Thank you for writing into our blog.


The Waterlux Team

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