August 27, 2018

We know how much information there is out there about water softeners. Once you start researching, you are most likely bombarded by different companies with information on their products, friends who have had similar issues, or family members that want to offer you advice on the subject. We want to clear the air and offer you some solid facts on water softeners and help you navigate through "murky water".

Myth # 1: Water softeners use too much salt and it’s unhealthy.

FACT: While salt is used in the water softening process, you’re not ingesting salt water. You are ingesting sodium but however the amount of found in soft water is not dangerous for an otherwise healthy person. We do suggest adding reverse osmosis to your drinking water. Water softeners are built to tackle hard water problems but does not remove all contaminants from your water. Another option would be a whole house water filtration system that would manage both hard water and water filtration needs.

Myth # 2: Water softeners remove important minerals and nutrients from my water.

FACT: While water softeners do a great job removing chlorine, lead, and other unwanted items from your water, it also removes some minerals and nutrients as well however the amount of minerals and nutrients found in water are so miniscule and would not make a large enough impact to your diet to be beneficial to your health. In other words, you’re not missing anything. The best way to obtain essential minerals and nutrients is to eat healthy foods and have a well balanced diet.

Myth # 3: Bathing with soft water leaves a slimy film on skin.

FACT: Actually, when bathing with soft water, your body will naturally feel softer and perhaps a bit slippery because this is what your skin is supposed to feel like when it’s clean! Your body has natural essential oils that you may not have felt before. You will also find you can use less soap and build a good lather faster. Just remember to rinse thoroughly.

Myth # 4: Only those who have well water need a water softener.

FACT: This is a common misconception but the fact we are finding hard water in city water very often and this is not something to rule out if you fall under this category. This is why it’s important to have your water tested regardless of you water source. Don’t assume you are i the clear. Get the facts.

Myth # 5: Water softeners are unaffordable.

FACT: There is more than one option when it comes to water softening systems and trusted manufacturers have made these options affordable. You do not have to sacrifice quality to achieve the results you desire. In the same respect, it is important to do your homework and not assume they all function at the same level. Make sure the manufacturer has a good warranty, has a great reputation in the market, and have received good reviews from consumers. Hague is the only manufacturer that we work with for those reasons. They are quality, affordable, and trustworthy. They’ve been around since 1960 and continue to be the leader is water softening and filtration.

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