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September 24, 2015

Thank you for checking in on the water filtration blog for Waterlux. We are working hard to help Ft. Lauderdale and the entire Tri-County area enjoy the safety of clean, filtered water. Whether you are in the market for a certified reverse osmosis water filtration system or a premier whole house filtration system, we are the water purifier shop for you and your home.

It’s no secret that the water in many parts of southern Florida has been found to be highly susceptible to groundwater contaminants, resulting in poor water quality. We will use our blog as a resource for our customers to access information that they need about water quality and how to improve it. One way we can be a resource for our clients is to address their questions from our water filtration advice column here in our blog. Below, you will find a question that we heard recently.

Dear Water Purifier Experts,

I have noticed an increasing “rotten egg” smell emanating from the water that comes out of our sinks. Have we been drinking bad water? Our kids have had a couple of stomach issues recently and I am wondering if they are associated with the water. Can you help me understand what is going on and what we can do about it?


Malodorous in Miami

Dear Malodorous,

There are several elements and minerals due to water treatment and even some other post-treatments that will leave a funny smell to the water supply. If your water has a slight “rotten egg” smell, it does not mean your water can harm you. However, it definitely can mess with the flavors of your food and drinks. Contact us to schedule a FREE water quality test to find a solution to this problem.

Thank you,


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