Rusty Is The Name Of Your Buddy, Not Your Water

November 05, 2015

Have you ever been over at someone’s house and noticed that their sinks and toilets have rust or black stains in the bowls? Did you think for just a second, “What are these people doing to themselves that their toilet bowl has rust colored stains in it?” Well, if you did, you are probably not the only one. Rust colored stains in your sink and toilet bowl are not a new phenomenon. We get a lot of questions from people what are looking for a solution to this problem, like this person, who contacted us with the issue.

Dear Water Filtration Experts,

I have slowly noticed that the toilet bowls in our house have some rust and black stains in them that lead me to believe that I need to either start working some WD-40 into my diet or get my water checked. I just replaced one of my toilets and even it is starting to get some stained. What can I do about this problem? Thank you for entertaining my question.


Rusty Commodes

Dear Rusty,

Those rust stains you see is just ferrous in your water getting oxidized as it is exposed to oxygen. While that is not considered harmful, we recognize that aesthetically it is a disaster. We have several water purifier and water filtration systems that can eradicate this chemical reaction in your house. Set up an appointment to have your water checked for FREE by WaterLux and we can go over all the possible solutions with you. We have several water purifier and water filtration systems to choose from at our showroom and online.

Thank you for writing to us to ask your question. 



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