Violations in Davie Drinking Water 2015

May 09, 2017

Color Contamination in Davie Drinking Water

Do you ever think about what’s in the drinking water that’s coming out of your tap? You probably know that your city adds fluoride to the water, but did you know that it can have other contaminants? The water always has small quantities of various contaminants, which is considered safe as long as the levels don’t go past the maximum contaminant level, or MCL, designated for each contaminant.

Sometimes, a substance will go beyond the MCL, affecting the quality of your drinking water. When that happens, your city will take steps to cut off the water from the public and treat it to make it safe again. Nonetheless, there could be a period of time when your home is subject to the contamination.

Each year, your city will share a water report showing the quality of the water throughout the year and documenting if there were any problems. If you lived in Davie, FL, the city water report showed the quality of the tap water in your home during 2015.

The Quality of Davie Water in 2015

Davie gets its water from the Biscayne Aquifer and the Floridan Aquifer, and the water is then treated at two water treatment plants in Davie.

The Davie water report for 2015 showed that the city had one MCL violation during the year. The violation was for color, which is considered a secondary contaminant. The water report explained that this problem probably comes from naturally occurring organics.

The MCL for color is 15, and the water report showed a range of results during the year. The highest result that received a violation was 30. The water report explained that the violation happened in August of 2015 because the city was performing an emergency repair on the color removal unit, so it was out of service. The water report did not specify how the problem was solved.

Davie did not have violations for any other contaminants during 2015. Its contaminant levels fell within the range considered safe for each separate contaminant. Nonetheless, it did have significant levels of certain contaminants.

There was some Davie coliform bacteria, although this contaminant didn’t violate the MCL of having coliform in more than five percent of monthly samples. Coliform bacteria in water is an indication that other contaminants are present that can make you sick.

Also, the water report showed that the water had 6 out of 85 sampling sites exceeding the action level (AL) for lead, although the report showed an N for “no” under “AL Exceeded.” The water report gave a warning about lead, noting that high levels can cause health concerns. It said that the city is not able to control the lead levels completely because it often originates in your plumbing at home. The report suggested having your water tested if you think it might have lead.

How to Have Cleaner Water

You might be concerned about small levels of contaminants within your Davie drinking water. These could particularly be of concern if you or someone in your household has a compromised immune system. Also, there could be times during the year when the city has a violation, and you might not know about it until after the fact.

If you’re concerned about your water, you could have it tested for contaminants. Also, you can treat the water yourself to have an added level of cleanliness. Reverse osmosis and other high-quality water machines remove much of the water’s contamination to give your family healthier water. By treating it yourself, you can feel better about the quality of your water on a day-to-day basis. 

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