Sunrise Water Contamination

May 11, 2017

Sunrise Water Quality

If you’re curious about your tap water or concerned about the contaminants that it could contain, you can learn more through your city’s annual water report. These reports show contaminants, their levels from sampling during the year and whether there were violations. It’s considered a violation when the contaminant level goes over its designated maximum contaminant level, or MCL.

There are water reports for two parts of Sunrise, FL, as well as the southwest area that we covered in a separate post on Southwest Ranches. Sunrise gets water from the Biscayne Aquifer, and in addition to providing water to its own residents, it provides the water for neighboring cities Davie, Weston and Southwest Ranches. Here are contaminant levels from Sunrise 2015 water reports.

The Condition of Sunrise Water

While the southwest part of Sunrise did have a color contamination violation of 20 color units with a MCL of 15, the other two areas did not have violations during 2015.

The city provides a report for the Sawgrass service area, which showed that the area still had small amounts of various Sunrise contaminants in the water despite having no violations. For example, the Sunrise total coliform bacteria level was 3.30 percent in January. It would have violated the maximum level if there was coliform in greater than 5 percent of samples. The EPA says that coliform on its own generally doesn’t harm people but that other pathogens often show themselves along with coliform. These other pathogens can cause health concerns so coliform shows that there could be a problem in the water.

The range of Sunrise chloramines, which are in the disinfectant and disinfect by-product category, went up to 3.8 ppm during the year, which is very close to the maximum residual disinfectant level of 4.0 ppm. Other disinfectants had significant levels as well.

Also, the 2015 report showed that the Sunrise lead level in samples was 6.1 ppb with an action level of 15 ppb during June to July 2014. The water report noted that the city doesn't have complete control over lead levels, as your household plumbing materials also play a role.

The Springtree Service area water report showed no violations during 2015. For many contaminants, the levels were far below the maximum level. One that was close was Sunrise chloramines, which went up to 3.8 ppm at its highest with a maximum level of 4 ppm. Also, the total trihalomethanes level went up to 67.2 with a maximum level of 80. These are both in the disinfectants and disinfectant by-product category.

Taking Control of Your Tap Water

You don’t have to simply accept the cleanliness level of your tap water. Whether you have someone in your household with a compromised immune system or you just want your home’s water to be as clean as possible, you can provide an extra level of cleanliness by putting your tap water through a high-level water machine, such as a reverse osmosis machine. 

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