September 10, 2018

If you’re on the hunt for a good shower head filter, you may want to take a few key points into  consideration before making your decision. First, make sure you have your water tested. The results will help you determine which type of filter or water filter system would work best for you. A basic water test will check your water for chlorine levels, TDS (total dissolved solids), and hardness. Many water tests are conducted in your home, on the spot, and will reveal the health and quality of your tap water. These results may suggest a house water filter would be more beneficial than a shower head filter.

Shower head filters are a wonderful add-on but they do not solve the problem. They are very basic alternatives to a much more complex issue. For example, a shower head filter will have no benefit to  your water supply or provide you with clean water anywhere else in your home. The water quality in your home affects your drinking water and your water taste as well. Not to mention, your laundry, your cooking, and even your cleaning could be affected by poor water conditions.

Filtered water or a water filter system would not only treat the condition of the water in your shower but provide you with cleaner water throughout your home. Water softeners can also be added, if need be, to treat hard water and improve the condition of your water as well. Other add-on features to consider along with a house water filtration system are carbon filters and ro systems. Reverse osmosis water can drastically improve the quality of your kitchen sink water.

Schedule your complimentary water test today and find out what is in your water and what the best   options are for you to begin enjoying healthy, quality water. Call us at 954-343-6150 or email us at

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