Lead, Arsenic and Other Contaminants in Fort Lauderdale Drinking Water

March 22, 2017

Each year, cities and other areas put out water reports showing results of water testing throughout the year and any problems the area had with the water. Residents are able to see the levels of various drinking water contaminants. They can also see whether any of them reached or exceeded the maximum contaminant level, or MCL, which is how high a contaminant can get before the level is considered unsafe for the public. The Fort Lauderdale water report for 2015 looked at a variety of water contaminants and the levels throughout the year. Fort Lauderdale Contaminant Levels in Water In 2015, the level of Fort Lauderdale radium, which is a radioactive contaminant, did not violate the MCL. Fort Lauderdale also stayed within the allowed level for numerous inorganic contaminants including arsenic and fluoride, copper and lead, and disinfectants. The only contaminant where the city did exceed the limit during the year was with the microbiological contaminant E. coli. The Fort Lauderdale E. coli level violated the MCL with two samples in August.Nonetheless, the water wasn’t free of all of the contaminants aside from E.coli. The water report still showed levels of the various contaminants detected in the water during the year – it just didn’t go over the MCL. For example, the Fort Lauderdale radium in the water was 1.19 at one point while the MCL is 5. Other examples are a Fort Lauderdale arsenic level of 1.30 when the MCL is 10 and a Fort Lauderdale lead level of 5.30 when the action level is 15.Health Effects From Water Contaminants The Fort Lauderdale water had various contaminants in the water that could potentially affect health. Some people could be more susceptible to health problems from contaminants in the water than healthy adults. These include elderly, young children and immunocompromised people.Radium in the water can lead to kidney damage, cancer and other health problems. The CDC says that various contaminants can cause serious problems that include reproductive issues and neurological problems. Contaminants can also lead to diarrhea, headaches and other issues. It depends on the contaminant(s) as to the resulting condition(s) and symptoms. Call our water treatment expert to schedule water filter consultation to get more information on How to Have Healthier Water, so You have control over the contaminants in your home water.It’s possible to remove a variety of contaminants such as Lead, Chlorine, chloramines, arsenic, and many more with a water filtration machines for the whole house or such as a reverse osmosis machine. This way, you won’t have to worry about what’s in your water or keeping up with the city’s water reports.

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