September 07, 2018

When purchasing a home, it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the details. When this happens, we usually begin to prioritize our growing to-do list or life becomes unmanageable. We may even make a list of necessities vs. luxuries to help us create a timeline. So what category does your tap water fall under?

For most homeowners, sink water is not one of the top 5 things you are considering when buying a home yet we are all concerned with having cleaner water. Perhaps we assume that the water quality is a non issue but how are we to determine this without having a water test? While your water supply may not seem like a top priority to you at the time, your drinking water is a huge necessity and a water filter system should be as important as having a functioning electrical system throughout your home. Each city does their best to provide clean water to every home but their are limitations to their efforts and steps should be taken to ensure that you have the cleanest water possible in your home. 

If you've already determined that a house water filter is a necessity for your home, you may become overwhelmed with the different options and assorted filters available to homeowners. The good news is, one you have a water test done you will know which option will be the best solution to fit your needs. If you have hard water, for example, you may want to add a water softener. If you find the water to have a strange odor or unpleasant water taste, you may opt for a filtered water with reverse osmosis water (also knows as an ro system). In some cases carbon filters can be added to help manage and remove certain chemicals and bacteria that are commonly found in water.

The quality of the water in your home should not only be a necessity but a top priority, whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for several years. It could have a major impact on your health and well being. To learn more about water quality or to set up a complimentary water test for your home please call us at 954-343-6150 or email

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