Harmful Chemicals in Tap Water

May 11, 2017

Could There Be Something Dangerous in My Tap Water?

You drink water to quench your thirst, with the belief that the water is cleansing and beneficial to your body. But in reality, your tap water might be harming your body. There are many compounds that could be in your drinking water that shouldn’t be, and it’s usually not possible to see what you’re drinking. The water could look clear while containing microscopic compounds.

What’s In the Water?

The contaminants in your tap water can vary by your area, but there are many possibilities. Your water could contain at least some of the following:

Chlorine: When you are exposed to too much chlorine, it turns into a toxic gas that is harmful to your respiratory system.

Lead: You can see the example of the people of Flint, Michigan recently finding that lead has been in their water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, explains that lead can get into the water from pipes and taps, generally ones that are old.

Fluoride: Many health and government officials advocate potential health benefits of fluoride in the water, but it is also associated with potential consequences.

Germs: Your water can contain bacteria, viruses, parasites and more.

Other Contaminants: Further, the water can include traces of pharmaceuticals, mercury, arsenic, algae, dirt, rust, mold, metals and other pollutants, such pesticides and insecticides.

Unfortunately, you and your family are drinking some of these compounds every time you take a sip of your tap water.

What Can You Do?

Fortunately, you can get many of these compounds out of the water before you drink it by putting the water through an effective filter. You can find a home-use water ionizer with advanced filters that can remove chlorine, dirt, rust, germs, fluoride, metals and numerous other contaminants to provide you with clean water for drinking, cooking and other uses.

For example, the Alkaline Water Ionizer Purifier Machine, which has a UV sterilization lamp, can remove just about any kind of contaminant that could be flowing through your water. It takes out bacteria, viruses, dirt, chlorine, fluoride and much more. Also, try testing your water to see if it contains harmful additions such as lead.

When you clean your water of contaminants, you can give your body the health-boosting effects of water that you’re hoping for without all the added compounds that you don’t want. And clean reverse osmosis water and alkaline water give you a pure taste and refreshing feel that quenches your thirst and helps you feel your best each day.

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