Drinking Water Contamination in Miramar, FL

May 09, 2017

Miramar Water Quality in 2015

When you hear news stories about contaminated drinking water in various parts of the country, it’s easy to become concerned about the state of your own drinking water. Fortunately, annual water reports put out by cities provide information on contaminants that were found in tests during the year, as well as information on how the city cleans the water.

There are small levels of various contaminants naturally in tap water, and this is considered safe. Each drinking water contaminant has a maximum contaminant level, or MCL, which is considered the highest amount before the water is unsafe for drinking. When a contaminant goes over the level, it’s a violation and the city has to take steps to get the amount back to a safe level. The 2015 Miramar water report showed the quality of the city’s water during the year.

Miramar Contaminants in the 2015 Water Report

At least in part because of the city’s precautions in cleaning the water, Miramar had no violations in 2015. Its water report laid out the many ways the city works to ensure the safety of the drinking water. However, the report did show small amounts of contaminants throughout the year. It did detect Miramar coliform bacteria in the water, which can be an indication of other contaminants that can make people sick. Nonetheless, the highest 1.72 percent amount did not go past the MCL, which is when the contamination level goes over 5 percent of monthly samples.

Some samples were closer to their maximum amounts. For example, the levels of Miramar disinfectants haloacetic acids, trihalomethanes, chlorine and chloramines were close to their top levels. Also, Miramar perfluorooctanoic acid is a contaminant that is not currently regulated, but the amount went up to 0.021 ppb, which is the same amount as the draft reference concentration. Further, the city does not have control over lead and copper levels, which can originate in the plumbing of your own home.

How to Make Your Drinking Water Safer

If you’re concerned about your drinking water’s cleanliness, you might want to take every step you can to ensure it’s as clean as it can be. Also, some people need to minimize the amount of water contaminants they take in because their immune systems are compromised. The city of Miramar takes many steps to keep its water clean and healthy.

But to do everything you can, and also account for times when the city could have violations, you can clean your tap water again in your own home. Simply put your tap water through a reverse osmosis water system or similar high-quality filtration and treatment system.

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