Coral Springs Water Contamination 2015

May 09, 2017

Coral Springs Water Quality in 2015

Do you ever wonder what’s in your tap water that comes from your city? You probably hear about different contaminants and how they can affect health, which could make you wonder whether these contaminants are in your own water.

Luckily, cities send out a yearly water report that lets you know how much of each contaminant your water had and whether the levels ever went over the point that is considered safe. The report shows some levels found throughout the year and how they relate to the maximum contaminant level, or MCL. It includes any violations found during testing.

The water supplied to Coral Springs residences comes from the Biscayne Aquifer and is then treated by the city.

Coral Springs Contamination in 2015

In 2015, the city report did not show any Coral Springs contamination that violated the MCL amount, so you could feel pretty good about your tap water. Nonetheless, the report did show small amounts of various contaminants in the water, which might concern you, especially if you have immunocompromised people in your household.

The report showed its highest monthly percentage of total coliform bacteria as 1.37 percent. Many water reports show 0 for this contaminant, but Coral Springs did show some of it. This bacteria provides an alert that other contaminants are probably in the water that can make people sick, so it’s a health concern when there is enough of it in the water. The MCL is coliform showing up in more than 5 percent of the monthly samples.

In addition, the Coral Springs water had small amounts of copper and lead but they did not get near the action levels. This water report also showed levels of unregulated contaminants in the water during the year. These are unregulated, so there is not an agreed-upon safe level. The report showed Coral Springs chromium, strontium and other contaminants. Also, its chlorate level of 280 went above the draft reference concentration of 210.

How to Combat Coral Springs Water Contamination

Even though your city cleans the water before it gets to you, the water still has small amounts of contaminants and can have violations throughout the year. You probably won’t know about a violation until after the fact. To feel better about your water year-round and remove more contaminants, you can put your water through a reverse osmosis machine or another high-quality water machine. This is easy to do for cleaner water in your home.

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