Contamination in Southwest Ranches Water

May 09, 2017

2015 Water Violation in Southwest Ranches

When your city sends you its annual water report, you get a chance to learn more about where your tap water comes from and how it’s treated. You also see the levels of various contaminants throughout the year and whether there were any violations at any point.

Cities treat public water to make it safe for citizens, and it generally only has small amounts of contaminants that are considered safe levels. Each contaminant has a maximum contaminant level, or MCL, after which the amount is too high and becomes a violation.

Your city of Southwest Ranches sent out its annual water report for 2015 so you can see the quality of the water in your home. The Southwest Ranches water comes from the Biscayne aquifer and is treated by the city of Sunrise.

Southwest Ranches Color Contamination in 2015 Water

In 2015, the report for the Southwest service area showed one violation, which was for color, a secondary contaminant. The city went over the MCL of 15 color units with a reading of 20 color units. The report said that the source of contamination was probably naturally occurring agents. The report did not say when this violation occurred during the year or whether the problem was corrected and how.

Fortunately, this area did not have any other violations on the water report for 2015. Nonetheless, the water still contained small amounts of Southwest Ranches contamination, which could pose a problem to people with compromised immune systems.

Also, some levels were relatively high and close to the MCL during the year. For example, Southwest Ranches chloramines, which are in the disinfectant and disinfectant by-product category, had a reading up to 3.8 ppm and an average of 3.0, with an MRDL of 4. The water also had small amounts of copper and lead, although they didn’t go over the action levels.

Improving the Quality of Your Southwest Ranches Water

If you want to get more Southwest Ranches contamination out of your water to improve your household’s health and well-being, you could treat the water a second time at your own home. This is easy to do with a water machine that you can hook up to your tap. If you use a high-quality variety, such as a reverse osmosis water machine, you are able to get a lot of small contaminants out of your water. 

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