Contaminant Levels in Tamarac Drinking Water

May 09, 2017

Is Tamarac, FL Drinking Water Contaminated?

Cities share water reports with their residents on an annual basis so people know the condition of the drinking water throughout the year. These reports explain possible contaminants in the water and the levels of those contaminants during the year. Through the report, you also learn about how your water is treated.

While it's normal to have small amounts of certain contaminants within drinking water, cities are not allowed to go beyond the maximum contaminant level, or MCL. If a contaminant goes over that amount, the city has to alert the public and treat the water. When a contaminant is over the MCL, it is considered unsafe for public consumption.

We’re sharing with you the levels of certain contaminants in the 2015 water reports for the city of Tamarac, FL near Fort Lauderdale. Tamarac offers separate water reports for Tamarac East and Tamarac West.

Tamarac Contaminant Levels in 2015

In East Tamarac, your water had violations for Tamarac E.coli levels in 2015. This microbiological contaminant is associated with human or fecal waste. In August, there were two positive samples for E.coli. This violation actually came from Fort Lauderdale, which had a violation and supplied East Tamarac as its wholesaler. Nonetheless, the water report notes that the Tamarac distribution samples taken then were ok. Also, Fort Lauderdale corrected the problem.

The other East Tamarac contaminants did not go above the MCL. Nonetheless, there were still small amounts of various contaminants in the drinking water.

If you lived in West Tamarac in 2015, you were fortunate that your part of the city did not violate the MCL of any contaminants in the water during the year. The water stayed within the range that is considered safe for each contaminant.

For instance, the West Tamarac water report showed 1.41 pCi/L of Tamarac radium when the MCL is 5. But even though no contaminants went beyond the MCL, you still had small amounts of contaminants in your water, such as the amount of radium just mentioned. Also, the report showed fair amounts of some contaminants. The city had 68.0 ppb of total trihalomethanes when the MCL is 80 and 3.08 ppm of chloramines when the MCL is 4.0. Also, the city had 0.73 ppm of fluoride with an MCL of 4.0, which many people do not like in their water.

Having Clean Drinking Water With Minimal Tamarac Contaminants

To have drinking water with the smallest amount of contamination possible for your household, you can clean the water. This is easy to do from home with a reverse osmosis machine or other water machine that targets various contaminants. 

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