August 15, 2018

Back to school time is filled with activity and preparation. With new schedules on the horizon, a laundry list of school supplies to buy, and the anticipation of the new school year the last thing you need to have on your mind is a water problem. A whole house water filtration system eliminates the need to worry about the quality of your water by supplying you with water in its purest form. Toxin free, chemical free, and contaminant free.

There are several different options to choose from when it comes to whole house water filtration. That’s why we send our water technician to your home to test your water and determine which system would be the best option for you and your family.

When it comes down to selecting a manufacturer, the decision is an easy one. Hague has been creating the mosteconomical high quality filtration systemon the market for over 50 years. We always want to offer our customers the best and when it comes to water filtration and purification, Hague is the only choice.  

Some of the other benefits of Hague filtration systems are…

Cutting-Edge smart technology

No filter changes

Built-In Self Cleaning System

Fully self-managed/self sustaining system

removes chlorine and other impurities

Lower energy consumption

25 Year Limited Warranty

Made in the USA

9 Patents

Reduce household maintenance bills

Removes bad odor and taste

Less water required during regeneration

Increase longevity of water using appliances

Cross one thing off your Back to School to do list. Schedule your complimentary water test with us today so you and your family can enjoy fresh, clean, quality water. Schedule your complimentary water test today or call us now to learn more about Water Filtration, Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, and much more. 954-343-6150 or email us


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