July 31, 2018

With a plethora of water options out there, sometimes it’s hard to know which would benefit you the most. Every option promises the best results and claims to have the most benefits. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what the actual benefits are when determining which one to choose? Alkaline water has some of the most valuable benefits when it comes to the water game and here’s why.

It Hydrates up to 17% more than regular water

The word “Alkaline” refers to water’s pH level. Countless studies have shown that by raising the pH level of drinking water, using electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components results in better hydration AND less acidity. This also brings me to my next point...

It Neutralizes Acid Reflux

Alkaline water provides soothing relief for irritating symptoms of acid reflux using that very same process. Many foods found in our daily diet intake are highly acidic. Water with a higher pH level helps your body stay alkaline improving all aspects of health, leaving you feeling balanced and assisting in the digestive process.

It Promotes Weight Loss

Weight gain has a lot to do with how our bodies break down and process the food we eat. Our bodies naturally create additional fat cells to neutralize acidity nut the fat cell production causes weight gain. When we eat highly processed foods or junk food, for example, our bodies work hard to create more fat cells to combat the acidity resulting in weight gain and discomfort. When you drink alkaline water you’re neutralizing the acidity WITHOUT the production of fat cells.

It Enhances Energy Levels

by delivering nutrients to the body more efficiently than traditional tap water, providing you with more energy throughout the day. Since it offers a great deal more hydration than tap water your body will not become fatigued as easily.

It Detoxifies Your Entire System

By the successful removal of toxins and other free radicals, Alkaline Water offers the best most effective way to detoxify your system.

You may also consider having your water checked by a water specialist to determine if a whole house water filtration system or a water softening system would be beneficial for your home as well. Drinking enough water on a daily basis is extremely important staying healthy and feeling your best but Alkaline water definitely takes it to a much higher level. With benefits like these it's clear...changing your water can change your life. To schedule a complimentary water test today call 954-343-6150 or email us at help@waterlux.com.

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